Media Graphics develops new technologies to make large and small scale VM projects effortless for Adidas.

When rolling out a national visual merchandising campaign, successful VM production companies and project managers have one characteristic in common: a comprehensive, yet simple strategy. This is a detailed plan of action designed to achieve an overall theme using VM. It’s a well-calculated process of implementing strategies that involve the selection of the best steps to accomplish a specific goal. For Media Graphics, the goal was to execute a new visual concept consistently across the UK, all for the same deadline.

And why do we need such a ‘strategy’? It’s much more in-depth than a plan. A plan is simply a list of steps, but a strategy involves identifying problems before they occur, using insight and creativity to deliver the VM concept.

Once a visual concept has developed, the execution transforms into a logistics and technical VM strategy. This strategy utilizes numerous methods of in-field communications to ensure the concept is carried out in a consistent and efficient manner.

So what initial processes did the team at Media Graphis have in place before the roll out?

Technology and CAD is critical to improving efficiency in rolling out visual concepts. 3D renderings are becoming an industry standard. We would all rather see what we’re getting instead of just being told about it – to really wow the creative teams at Adidas, the guys at Media Graphics created 3D renders of each VM layout, graphic and garment in situ. The vast amount of work done at this stage guaranteed the instructions were presented clearly and concisely to everyone involved.

Media Graphics provided various views of the drawings, such as a front view, a top-down view, as well as individual views of specific store sections. Drawings show the exact position of props, prints, coat hangers, etc. But this isn’t enough for Media Graphics, every item is pre-made and shipped to individual fitting teams across the country with video and written instructions. The fitter then knows every VM kit has been meticulously designed to fit perfectly, time after time.

To eliminate any confusion associated with fitter and production communications Media Graphics have been developing new comprehensive planograms and 3D visual directives to provide instructions on fitting in the most efficient way possible without compromising quality. The Adidas rollout was the perfect opportunity to put the system to the ultimate test. Media Graphics achieved an astounding 100% success rate on all stores and with time to spare.

A critical success factor for Media Graphics has been the development of in house merchandising and work standards. When customers walk into a shop, they need easy access to the products they want; They expect to locate the appropriate size, be it folded or hung, without wandering throughout a store to find a member of staff. With this in mind, Media Graphics examined every store and item for Adidas to guarantee customers have the best shopping experience. By working with the Adidas VM department, Media Graphics were able to roll out the standards in each store.

Each set of Media Graphics VM standards provides instructions on folding garments, hanging guidelines, sizing and placing signage. The standards were then implemented by Adidas’ internal teams. Prior to the full roll out Media Graphics provided Adidas with staff training guidelines.

VM production companies and retailers alike strive to be on time and on budget when rolling out visual concepts. Media Graphics have been developing an in-house project management software to keep the customers informed at every stage and maximize efficiency. Media Graphics assigned a dedicated project management team to ensure timelines and pre-agreed production schedules were adhered to.

With such attention to detail, meticulous planning and high-quality project management, VM roll outs have never been easier for brand owners.

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