Signmaking: Guide For The Correct Usage Of Self-Adhesive Materials

Storage Rolls should be stored on end, to avoid pressure marking. Extremes in temperature and humidity should be avoided. High temperatures can lead to adhesive bleed, causing problems with the sprocketed material in particular, whilst humidity may cause problems with the backing papers such as curl etc. All self-adhesive vinyls should be allowed 24 hours […]


Choosing The Right Sign Vinyl

Face films: Vinyl in general, can be manufactured in one of two ways – by calendering or by casting Calendering The PVC Calendering process The molten resin is squeezed between a series of rollers to produce a film of vinyl. Due to the mechanical method of manufacture, the PVC has a built in memory and […]


Product Testing

Being able to offer good technical support and advice on how to use our large range of media has always been an important part of our complete service. Our dedicated print room team use the latest digital printers with Solvent, Latex and UV ink as well as water based inks, vinyl cutters, laminators and software […]


Interior films

What is Interior Film? Interior film offers key advantages like simplicity and speed of implementation as opposed to traditional refurbishment techniques. The renovation can be carried out in situ, without the use of heavy equipment and noise. This minimises any unnecessary disruption in day to day activities. With attributes like fire resistance and it simplicity […]


Media Graphics develops new technologies to make large and small scale VM projects effortless for Adidas.

When rolling out a national visual merchandising campaign, successful VM production companies and project managers have one characteristic in common: a comprehensive, yet simple strategy. This is a detailed plan of action designed to achieve an overall theme using VM. It’s a well-calculated process of implementing strategies that involve the selection of the best steps […]