Interior films

What is Interior Film?

Interior film offers key advantages like simplicity and speed of implementation as opposed to traditional refurbishment techniques. The renovation can be carried out in situ, without the use of heavy equipment and noise. This minimises any unnecessary disruption in day to day activities. With attributes like fire resistance and it simplicity of cleaning, this film gives you the complete peace of mind to complete your next refurbishment project with interior film.

Re-think your refurbishment project

Interior films fit the demand of creating amazing interior spaces that offer engaging and inviting visual environments. Our carefully thought out range of materials and services cater to all types of applications in order to allow for Media Graphics to offer beautiful interiors both quickly and inexpensively. Transforming interior surfaces with our film allows refurbishment projects to be looked at in a new light by offering such a large range of finishes, unrivalled installation quality, and cost savings.

We have tested the boundaries of interior film, and can now bespoke make amazing 3D features to compliment our architectural film range. By using materials like vulchromat, acrylic, and illuminated lightsheets our production capabilities use interior film to it’s full potential.


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