Solvent Printing: A Guide For Producing & Installing Wallpaper Prints

Protecting your solvent printed wallpaper prints

  • To protect the wallpaper prints from abrasion, dirt and moisture we would recommend the application of a Decorators Varnish, such as a clear acrylic coating.
  • This type of varnish should protect the print against water, mild abrasion and discolouring, and allow the printed paper to be cleaned with a mild detergent.
  • This type of acrylic varnish can also help to prevent cracking of the coating when creased.
  • Prints should be left for 12 hours prior to application of the varnish and care should be taken on dark areas of the print as the varnish can look slightly milky.
  • These varnishes are generally best applied by a short-pile paint roller, but can also be brushed on.
  • We have used Polyvin’s Acrylic Decorators Varnish in-house, which is available from most Decorators Materials Suppliers in gloss, satin and dead-matt and have found the results to be excellent.

Pasting solvent printed wallpaper

  • When pasting, a standard or heavy-duty starch based paste may be used.
  • The paste should be left for 10 minutes after application, before hanging.
  • The wet expansion for papers is limited making it slightly more difficult to hang than some standard wallpapers and care must be taken if papering on to a curved surface.
  • As when hanging standard wallpaper, always check the suitability of the wall to accept pasting.
  • To ensure colour consistency, always complete the job from one roll of material.

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