Interior films

What is Interior Film? Interior film offers key advantages like simplicity and speed of implementation as opposed to traditional refurbishment techniques. The renovation can be carried out in situ, without the use of heavy equipment and noise. This minimises any unnecessary disruption in day to day activities. With attributes like fire resistance and it simplicity […]


Media Graphics develops new technologies to make large and small scale VM projects effortless for Adidas.

When rolling out a national visual merchandising campaign, successful VM production companies and project managers have one characteristic in common: a comprehensive, yet simple strategy. This is a detailed plan of action designed to achieve an overall theme using VM. It’s a well-calculated process of implementing strategies that involve the selection of the best steps […]


CannaTech @ The Old Truman Brewery

The 2017 CannaTech conference represented a whole host of new challenges for us. We came up with the idea of constructing and wrapping 15 freestanding graphics walls that were used for staging, partitions and crowd control. Each wall was over 3m tall using graphics produced by our 5m wide printer, we later found out they […]


Environmentally Contentious Print Production

We are making a commitment to sustainable production, through our carefully vetted supply chain to the ink we print. you may be interested to learn more about the key environmental advantages of HP Latex against eco-solvent technology. We have summarised them in three major sustainability’s pillars: health, economics and environment. About health: Let’s be clear: eco-solvent […]